Hello everyone, Sharon here.
Welcome to the friends of Animals Website.
The reason for making the uplifting comedy music video ‘Top Dog Gaffo’ was to hopefully direct people here where I hope to raise awareness for all the gorgeous homeless animals and the wonderful animal rescues Worldwide.
As promised, we have lists of Animal Rescues all over Ireland and the UK and some in other places around the World, 100 fundraising ideas to help your local rescue,  short video of out takes from the ‘Top Dog Gaffo’ video and there’s more of them to come, including a video where you meet my own dogs who are the stars of the Top Dog Gaffo video.
I’ve also made some short upbeat videos and written some information regarding the benefits (physical and mental) of having a pet in the home, and the advantages of adopting a homeless animal as opposed to buying from a magazine or newspaper possibly unknowingly putting money in the pockets of cruel puppy farmers.
Thank you for visiting this site, I will be adding more information from time to time.    I hope you find it helpful.

One thought on “About

  1. J. V. Houlihan, Jr. December 9, 2012 at 7:20 pm Reply

    Sharon: google “Canine adoption update” Block Island Times, J.V. Houlihan,Jr.
    Best on ya,

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