Rosie The Pound Pup

( A short story about a little abandoned pound puppy)
My name is Rosie. I’m at the dog pound. My Mother is only 8 months old. In 6 months from now I’ll be capable of reproducing and I’ll be even more vulnerable. I have lots of brothers and sisters and cousins and aunts and uncles etc. At least 242 altogether at the moment, and lots more on the way.

Our great grandmother is only 3 years old and still in her prime and very beautiful. She has a wonderful life because her owners treat her like a queen and they love her dearly. She sleeps on their bed every night. Their only mistake was that they believed at the time that every female dog should be allowed to have one litter of pups.

They found good homes for all of her pups, but unfortunately they didn’t realize that it was important to insist that they be neutered and spayed when old enough. Not counting the offspring of all the males produced since, if each un-spayed female had ONLY 3 pups in their lives so far, there must be well over 240 of us by now. (3 x 3 x 3 x 3) Lots of my relations are being horrifically treated and even more of them are already dead.

It’s very lonely here at the pound. I don’t know where my brothers and sisters and my mother are but I miss them all so much I cry myself to sleep night and day. I was due to be put down in a few days and I knew that no human would ever miss me because nobody ever even knew me. My only hope was that if ever got out of this place alive my new owners would realise that they have to spay me to prevent another 240 + pups being born within a few years.

Today is mu lucky day. My great grand mother’s owners eventually realized their mistake in not neutering their dog. They love their dog so much, they decided to do some research on our family tree and they traced me and are coming to rescue me today. I hear some very excited voices. They have one more surprise for me: They have also found my tiny little brother and my dear Mother, and we’re all getting adopted. I can’t wait to see them and play with them again. I’m so excited also that I will meet my great Granny and learn from her. We will be happy and safe for the rest of our lives and most important of all – we will be spayed!

But I will always feel sad everytime I think about the rest of my brothers and sisters and the rest of my relations who still produce unwanted litters of helpless little puppies.


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