Compassion For Cats

A tribute to my cat Sally and all other cats everywhere.

This is my beautiful cat Sally and her daughter Rosie behind her.

A short while ago Sally was chased and attacked by a strange dog before escaping. I searched for her for three weeks and eventually found her dead body and gave her a little funeral and a little bit of dignity. Anyway, my poor little Sally is dead now because she trusted too much and didn’t realise the danger with the strange dog. I miss her terribly as she was such a brilliant character and she loved people and always had great fun and interaction with my 6 dogs dogs and my other cats. Her and Rosie were inseparable. She always had such a welcome home for me and was as loving and loyal and entertaining as any dog.
Throughout the ages, in stories, cartoons, movies, kids books etc, cats are nearly always portrayed as the villains and the dogs as the good guys. In reality….. it’s not often that a cat will terrorise a dog. As everyone knows it’s nearly always the other way around in actual fact.  I am sad to say that unfortunately, maybe this inaccurate and unfair image of cats is placed firmly into people’s subconscious. I have had cats all my life and have always found them to be equally as good natured and affectionate and fun loving as any dog. I have also always found that cats and dogs can live harmoniously under the one roof and are often the best of friends.
Anyway, my reason for writing this tribute to Sally is the hope that it will make even a small difference to the way that some people think abut cats and that maybe something good might come out of her untimely death.
RIP beautiful gentle Sally


2 thoughts on “Compassion For Cats

  1. Robert (Bob) Brooker November 8, 2012 at 2:18 pm Reply

    If everyone was as caring and compassionate as you Sharron – the world would be a beautiful place to live !! Your work with animals goes far beyond your love for them as individuals, and long may you continue to bring love and care to those who can’t always fight their own corner ! Hugs, Bob XXXXXX

  2. Mary Garry (Burdon) November 8, 2012 at 10:06 pm Reply

    Sharon, I am really sorry to hear about your cat Sally. As I am a cat lover my self and all animals it is so awful that she has passed away. I think cats are totally underestimated. I have a cat Rosie and she is so clever, affectionate, loyal, and much more. Derek used to hate cats but when we got Rosie as a kitten she was found abandonded in Naas, he totally fell in love with her. At this moment shes up in our bed, of course with a hot water bottle. We did have a wild cat called Freckles, we cared for him, fed and gave him a bed outside, this particular cat was very scared because I would say someone mistreated him. The closest I ever got to him was touching his nose, but I knew he really appreciated us looking after him. He has been gone missing since the summer. Since cats have come into my life I am a different person. I think they can do so much for your spirit. I’m sure your at Rosie will miss her mum for a quite a while, but with lots of love attention she will be fine. Sorry again I know how hard it is. Love Mary xo

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